Easy Winter Decor and Inspirations

     I’m super sorry for not posting on Saturday. And last Saturday. Then on Monday I had an idea to do an outfit of the day thing all week, then I realized my outfit was ugly. Anyway, I had fun decorating my room for winter yesterday, and I hope these ideas and DIYs will help you with your room/house! 

     Also, I am selling greeting cards on etsy, so if you want to check them out, my website is called kutie kaboodle. And I just got a Pinterest, so if you want to follow me, I am @Hipsternerd. Ok, I think I covered everything, so enjoy!

First off, you need some Christmas music of course! I listened to the Pandora Christmas playlist. It has all the classic songs along with a few modern ones. I also listened to the Pentatonix Christmas Playlist on Spotify. It has a bunch of their Christmas songs along with a few classics.

     Ok, so first I changed my bulletin board. It was super bright and colorful, and not at all how I wanted it to be for Christmas. I just chose a few of my favorite drawings and some pictures and bits I had on it before, and kind of made a collage out of them. 

 Then, I started decorating my desk. I already had a silver owl statue on it, so I cut a strip out of an old sweater I had, tied it around its neck, and made a scarf. I also switched out my floral pencil holder for a red Starbucks cup, just because they are adorable. A few other things I added were a gold rimmed bowl filled with painted pinecones, a candle, a mini statue, and a white clock.

     An easy DIY is to just write one of your favorite holiday quotes on some card stock and pop it into a picture frame. It’s super cute, an takes a few minutes.

         My absolute favorite area that I decorated is my bed stand. I made another quote picture, filled a milk bottle with pine branches, and added a candle. I also did the most adorable DIY I’ve ever made-I turned my bronze giraffe into a reindeer. I just traced a pair of antlers onto white paper, taped them onto the giraffes head, then taped a red nose onto it. 

    That’s all I’ve done to my room so far, but I will definitely do more decorating. Thank you so muc for reading, and I will post next Saturday.


Colored Pinecone Centerpiece


     I know it’s crazy, but it’s almost winter! And with winter comes cozy blankets, Christmas songs, and cute decor. Here’s an easy example of the third one. This is an easy way to dress up a coffee table, add a slightly wintry feel to a dinner table, or just use in your room. 

You will need:
Spray paint
Large Mason Jar

1. Wash the pinecones so that you don’t paint over any dirt. Lay the pinecones on some newspaper outdoors.

2. Spray the paint over the Pinecone evenly, turning occasionally. Let them dry.
3. Arrange them inside the mason jar, and display!



     Mandalas are my absolute favorite thing to draw. They are super relaxing and easy, and turn out beautiful in the end. Here’s how I draw mine, and a few of my different creations. Enjoy!

     First off, you need to have your supplies. All you need is thick card stock and and a pen that won’t leak all over the rest of the mandala. I use a fine tipped  uniball pen. After you have your supplies, start your mandala. If you want a more detailed mandala, start with a small center, which I prefer, but if you want a larger mendala, start larger. I will be demonstrating a smaller one.  

(This looks larger than it really was)

I always do a small blossom as my center for a more natural, feminine look. Then, all you do is layer on different patterns on top of the center. Here are some of my favorite patterns:

The mandala will slowly turn into this after two patterns:

 Then this after seven patterns:

Eventually (a very, very long time later) it will look something like this: 

Once you’ve done this, you can do just about anything you want with it. Here’s a few of my creations:

Now it’s your turn! Create some beautiful mandalas, and relax, be creative, and focus while you’re at it. 

Easy Costumes for Halloween

I know it IS Halloween, but I needed to post a costume tutorial before Halloween. Instead, I did 5! Enjoy! 

  (These leaves were in my front yard, and they were screaming fall to me)

1. Minion. Who here doesn’t like minions? All you need is a pair of overalls, combat or work boots, a yellow shirt, and goggles, which you can make out of two mason jar lids and some black elastic. 
2.Common white girl. Just wear “pink” merchandise, uggs, have a Starbucks cup and an iPhone.

3. Pineapple. Wear all yellow clothes and shoes, the take a green headband and green felt, and cut the green felt into long triangles. Hot glue the triangles onto the headband so that it looks like pineapple leaves.

4. Fox. Wear maroon clothes and shoes, then wear a maroon headband with maroon felt ears glued on. For the tail just wear a brown scarf, or a fur scarf, pinned to the seat of your pants.

5. Hippie. Wear circular glasses, a flower crown, no shoes, and a long flowy dress. And a center part on your hair is a very realistic addition. 

The October Favorites

  First off, I am sooooooooooooo sorry for not posting sooner, it’s been more than a month. I’m such a bad blogger. I’ll try to post every Saturday from now on. I will never forgive myself for this. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! 

1. Album:
Pentatonix!!! I am in love with their new album, my favorites are Sing, Rose Gold, and Lean On.


I also have been in awe by Daya’s voice. She’s only 16, and she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard! She just came out with a self titled album. Check her out! 

2. Movie:
I have a confession to make. I basically only watch children’s movies. Thus, my favorite movie this month is Home. I know, I feel so childish, but it’s such a sweet movie. Oh’s language is something I could quote on the spot, not to mention the music, which is amazing.

3. Food:
My mom made these delicious gluten free cream cheese and pumpkin muffins. They are really moist, and flavored well. 

4. Makeup:

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer
is a life saver when it comes to acne. It not only covers up blemishes and acne, but it acts as zit cream. Two in one! Yes!


5. Clothes:
How gorgeous is the print from this dress? It’s really blousey, and the fabric is super comfy. It was originally from H&M, but I got it at a consignment store.

6. Hairstyle:
You can never go wrong with a messy bun, ever. I like to wrap a Dutch braid around the base of the bun to make it look like I didn’t actually spend two minutes on my hair. I’ll probably do a routine in the future, but not right now.

7. Drawings?:
I’va been doing a ton of mendalas lately, they’re so soothing, and they’re gorgeous.  The following one isn’t my best, but it’s the only picture of one of my mendalas that I have…

8. Quote:
9. Teenager Post:


10. App:
I love Spotify. Hands down my favorite. If you don’t know what that is already, it’s a music app that lets you listen to your music, discover new music, and create playlists of all of your favorite songs for free.

   Thanks so much for reading! I’ll post next Saturday!!! Sorry I didn’t do any Halloween tutorials, but I might do one midweek. Bye!

DIY Infinity Scarf 

  First off, I am so sorry for not posting sooner, I’ve been sick since Friday and I have school to focus on. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this; it’s super comfortable.

You will need:
a thick sweater
fabric scissors
a hot glue gun and extra glue
a fabric pencil
a tape measure

1. Lay the sweater out on a flat surface. Mark three five inch sections on the sweater using the pencil and tape measure. The sections should go from the bottom of the sweater to the top, creating three five-inch-thick cloth rings.

2. Cut the rings open, so that now they are just cloth strips. If you want, you can hem the edges of the scarf with the glue gun, but I wanted the scarf to be a little more rustic (and I didn’t want extra work) 

3. Hot glue the sections together to create a giant ring of sweater strips, also known as an infinity scarf! Enjoy!

Monthly Faves: September

1. Music! Pentatonix. You can’t beat them. I am psyched for their new album to come out. My favorite song so far is “Can’t Sleep Love”.

2. Books! “Serafina and the Black Cloak” by Robert Beatty. It’s a really scary book if your a kid, but if you’re older then it’s a fun magical book.

3. Movie! “Million Dollar Arm” or “Home” are both super cute. Million dollar arm came out a few years ago, and I wished I had watched it sooner, it was super good. It’s about Indian teens coming to America to become baseball players, and it’s a true story. And Home is just a cute movie about an alien coming to earth and learning about the real way to live.

4. Makeup! I really am liking my eye makeup remover this month, it’s alba botanica’s even advanced eye makeup remover. It’s oil free, and it’s really gentle. 

5. Clothes! I have this really cute floral skirt that is super flowy and comfy, and I got a ton of compliments on it😎.

6. Food! Silk Almond Chocolate Milk Boxes are so yummy! They’re like portable Nutella drinks!

7. App! YouTube. I spend about three to five hours a day on it, and they’re a so much you can watch.

8. Quote!

9. DIY! The speaker. It works like a charm.

10. Drink! I like apple juice.👶🏽 I feel so young!😢

Ok, well thanks for reading, comment which one was your favorite, and make sure to follow me. I’ll try to post tomorrow! Bye!